Main tenets of Boğaziçi University's vision are increasing its competitiveness in academic research and being among the best research universities in the world. In accordance with this strategic priority, Boğaziçi University pursues multi-disciplinary international collaborations in research and education with its 32 academic departments and 30 research centers. The faculty and researchers with a wide range of expertise are engaged in cutting-edge research at these multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary research centers and laboratories in order to create solutions to the problems of humankind. At Boğazici University, the structure has been organized as to provide the faculty and researchers with physical as well as intellectual facilities while conducting their research. There are many offices at Boğazici University which assist the implementation and management of research projects. The purpose is to facilitate the process from the researchers’ brainwork to maximum impact. These offices are Technology Transfer Office, Financial Coordination Office for Research Projects, and Administrative Coordination Office for Research Projects. For further information.