TTO Activities

TTO defines technology transfer as a value chain which transfers the skills, knowledge and technologies from inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs to the society creating an economic value from which both society and university benefit mutually. TTO operates in the following fields:

  • Activities creating awareness, education and publicity

Creating awareness, providing publicity and education to promote more effective interaction with industry, to match up industriy’s needs with university’s capacities  and to convey the real problems of indusry to the university so that  the research outputs can be converted into products and services.

  • Assistance in identifying funding opportunities and support programmes

Identifying appropriate funding sources, disseminating this information to the academics and providing pre-award and post-award administrative services for sponsored projects.

  • University-industry collaboration (project development and management)

Acting as interface between university and industry by transmitting inventions and innovative knowledge from research to outside organizations for the benefit of society in a way that a wider range of users can access and exploit the knowledge and new technology. Promoting beneficial interactions between university and industry.

  • Intellectual Property (IP) management and licensing

Developing mechanisms in order to protect intellectual property, aiming to increase the number of invention disclosures, managing IPR and commercializing the IPs

  • Supporting start up and spin off companies

Supporting an innovation or invention which has a compettitive edge to become a commercially valuable product, facilitating the establishment of start up and spin off companies, helping them to reach the funds.